Shine Revolution

The Premium Auto Detailer and Detailing in Calgary

Rocket Restorkoat Facts

We use Restorkoat for our Calgary auto detailing.  Restorkoat formulated clear coat repairs 99% of all clear coat scratches and restores the paint to its original state.

Polishing is not required, no possibility of damaging the paint’s surface.

In addition to repair and restores, Restorkoat also protects the paint against:

  • Further fading
  • Road salt
  • Oxidation
  • And more

Restorkoat is permanent and will last for years, it does not wash off or fade away!

It’s an environmentally conscious way to renew your auto, boat or RV’s finish. It’s hand applied, no machine required.

What We Use

A unique formulated clear coat that is a total paint renewal system for your auto, boat, R.V or semi.

Our auto detailing product is hand applied, self levels and self cures evenly and consistently, leaving no weak or low spots in the completed process, permanently eliminates and repairs scratches, scuffs, swirl marks and oxidation.

The process requires no sanding or scuffing, and is safe to all factory paints.

The results are superior to painting as our coat doubles the depth of the original clear coat and produces a shine that is like a new car showroom shine!

Our unique process enhances the factory clear coat finishes because it simply repair, restores and adds depth and thickness to it.

This is far more superior than the traditional ‘cut’ or ‘power’ polish, which grinds down and reduces your paint’s thickness.

In other words, in our auto detailing process we simply repair and enhance while nothing is being reduced!

This is a revolution in Calgary auto detailing.

How Restorkoat Is Unique


  • BETWEEN 1-2 MM thickness of urethane clear coat added with every application!
  • Successfully tested in climates of -50c (-58f) to +45c ( 113f).
  • Can be applied multiple times!
  • Harder than factory clear coat, safe for polishing!
  • Proven longevity of a minimum of 3 years unassisted by waxes or polymers
  • Tested and proven safe in salt/sea water
  • Revolutionary auto detailing product that now is available through us in Calgary

Other comparable products

  • 1/10 of a mm of clear coat with every application
  • Able to only be applied in temperatures of +16c (60f) to +22c (72f)
  • Cannot re-apply
  • No longevity guarantee
  • Longevity is brought on with the assistance of Polymers (Synthetic wax)

Polishing Facts

  • Done by using friction and/or heat, with polish (contains abrasive materials)
  • Creating a cut and thinning process to the existing clear coat
  • Removes part of the paint surface or mask sub-surface paints defects to enhance the paint surface gloss
  • Process could take hours with the possibility of damaging paint surface and only lasts a few month at most.
  • Not the best auto detailing process