Polishing Your Wheels

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If I had to think of a task I am not so keen about when it comes to car cleaning, it would have to be polishing wheels. While this is a rather tedious tasks, the benefits of having clean, shiny wheels are not only cosmetic standpoint. If you drive winter tires, that regularly encounter snow and dirt, this is a must.

Gladly, there are some measures that can be taken to make the job much easier. In essence, the following steps should be adhered to, for optimal results every time.

  1. Dust and rinse the wheels with a high pressure hose
  2. Follow up with an alloy wheel spray for deep cleaning
  3. Pick an appropriate product that you will use when polishing wheels
  4. Conclude with a protective waxing and dressing

Polishing Wheels Starts With A Good Rinse

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Car wheels may well be one of the most deceptive parts to clean. This is because they typically don’t look dirty until they’ve accumulate copious amounts of grime. One such particular type of dirt is brake dust. All of this can make the wheel and the whole car unsightly.

As a first step, it is a good idea to scrub off any debris and dirt using a wheel brush. Be sure to find a brand that is firm but won’t scratch the wheel arches. Then go on to use a high pressure hose to just get all the dirt and debris out of the way.

Spray An Alloy Cleaner For Deep Cleansing

Once you are satisfied that most of the visible dirt has been done away with, the next step is to use a good wheel alloy cleaner. This product has a dual effect. On one hand it dislodges stubborn stains and dirt, while on the other, it gives the wheel a shiny finish.

Regular use of an alloy cleaner will also create a protective film that makes it more difficult for greasy dirt to latch on to the wheel.

Polishing For A Glossy Look

The first two steps outlined are more of a build-up to the actual polishing process. It is however, important to do them thoroughly so as to avoid any abrasion when polishing. Once this is done, you can use a metal polish to buff the wheels to a shine.

The choice to go with will depend on the type of wheel you have installed. By taking a quick checklist, it is easy to identify the best polish for your wheel.

Finish Off With A Good Wax And Dressing

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At this point, your tire should be quite clean. The final task is to then use a protective agent in the form of waxing. Using a good wheel waxing agent will ensure that the wheel stays cleaner for longer, while retaining its tensile strength. Make it a point to use an applicator and follow that up with a microfiber buff for best results.

Once this is done, go on to apply a water-based tire dressing. While these tend to be a bit more expensive, traditional silicon-based dressings attract dirt and are known to deplete protective substances that enhance the rubber compound.

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