7 Things You Didn’t Know About Waxing

When washing a car, all work and effort may be lost if you don’t finish with a generous waxing. While most people wax their cars regularly, there is always room for improvement. For this reason, this article details 7 car waxing tips that can save you time and money.

The Sun Is Not Your Friend

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One of the most notable car waxing tips is to apply the wax in a shaded area. The reason for this has to do with the rapid rate at which car wax dries. The majority of wax products dry within minutes and if not buffed off, will leave unsightly streaks. By washing in the shade you ensure that the wax dries slowly, giving you time to wipe it off.


Work In Straight Lines

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It is important to pay attention not only to what you use to wash your car, but how you do so as well. Cleaning in irregular movements is bound to cause swirl marks that mess up the job. To avoid this, the best thing to do, is to clean the car in straight, uninterrupted sweeps. 

By so doing, you minimize the visibility and number of cleaning marks that can be seen on the vehicle.

One Section At A Time

Now that you are working in a straight line, the next thing is to wax section by section. It is a good idea to settle on small parts of the vehicle in order to avoid wax drying. This also makes it easy to see your progress and avoid missing spots

Less Is More

There is a general tendency to want to apply a thick layer of wax when cleaning a car. This is meant to either cover a wider area or seen as a way to achieve a better finish. Both presumptions are misguided though. To get a clean and shiny finish, rather than put in a huge amount of wax all at once, thin layers applied repeatedly do the job.

The Purpose of Wax Is To Protect, Not Recreate

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A common misconception is that car wax is a miracle substance that will reinvent your car’s look. On the contrary, the major purpose of waxing is to protect your car’s paintwork. In order to achieve a picture-perfect look, try combining car wax with a reputable polish.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Touch

It can be very difficult to go through the waxing process without touching the body of the car. While this may seem unavoidable because of the natural inclination to lean over the car, it can negatively impact your car’s finish. An easy work-around is to use a microfiber cloth or towel.

If you are a perfectionist or rather want a precise finish, you can also use a polishing machine for that extra shine.

Remove Any Excess Residue

Being the arduous work that it is, most people tend to slacken once they have finished applying and polishing off the wax. This may be unwise because of the untidy residue deposits that may remain on the car. They may also stick to the body and weaken the paint surface.

It is thus important to look over the car and make sure there are no left-over wax clumps lurking. If the wax has dried out and hardened, you can also use a spray-on wax that will loosen the deposit. You can then easily wipe this off with a cloth.


Summarizing Our Car Waxing Tips

The above are just a few car waxing tips that can help you achieve the look and feel you desire. In short, the following handy tips are all you need for that showroom look:

  1. Always wax your car in a shaded area
  2. When waxing, work your way in straight lines to avoid swirls
  3. Work your way through the car in small sections
  4. Apply in thin, repeated layers
  5. Remember wax is meant to protect
  6. Keep your fingers off the waxed surface
  7. Be sure to remove any excess residue from the car
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